Exploding Kittens UK

Here in the UK we managed to have a good session of gaming with Exploding Kittens. Anyone who likes kittens, explosions and classic card games, then this is for you. It comes with a unique name Exploding Kittens and it has to be said that no kittens are actually harmed before, during or after the game play. Basically Exploding Kittens is a card game, the pack is placed in the centre of the players and they each take cards in turn. However, if a player happens to pick up an Exploding Kitten card they will find that are in big trouble, with the only way out being able to play a Defuse card.

This is one of those game gets more exciting as the game goes on, with the pack, getting smaller the chances of picking an Exploding Kitten card will increase and it’s up to the player how they manage to stay in the game to win. As you get to know each player's style, it becomes highly strategic and is quite fast paced.

Exploding Kittens now in the UK!



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