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7 Wonders Board Game

7 Wonders is a board game that has captured the imaginations of millions of gamers around the world. Created by Antoine Bauza, this game hit the market in 2010 and since then has become extremely popular. It is one of the few games that has received close to 20 games awards in different categories and has been nominated for many more.

The theme of the game is military based. The players are the leaders of one of the seven big cities of the ancient world. As the leaders, your job would be to work out military strategy, gather resources to finance your ventures, and to ensure that trade is keeping your city prosperous. The game lasts through three Ages, each one adding different elements to the overall gameplay.

7 Wonders is a card development game and it comes with a number of beautifully illustrated cards, each one carrying a name, cost, effect symbol, and picture. There are double sided player boards, representing all the 7 different wonders. The game also comes with cardboard tokens. There have been six official expansions to the game, which has added new dimensions and a lot of new elements to the game. Apart from these, there are also fan expansions, some of which are excellent in quality and add more fun to the game.

Your gaming strategy would totally depend on which civilisation you have chosen to lead.  The gameplay depends on the kind of resources you have in your hand as well as the structures you have built over the game. While the gameplay is simple, it still requires a lot of effort in order to develop a winning strategy. One of the attractions of this game for gamers with low attention spans is that it is short and the game can be finished within an hour.

Overall, 7 Wonders is an excellent game to play and appealing to both hard core gamers as well as those who just play sporadically.



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