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A wickedly clever and funny game, Accentuate was published by Accentuate Games Ltd. in 2014. The idea behind the game is very simple. It makes use of the different accents from different parts of the world to create a game that works well – as long as you know which accent goes where!

Accentuate is a party game and can be played between 2 or more people. It is better played by dividing up the players into two teams. This is a dice-based game and the play is started by one member of the first team with the roll of a die. This will give four options: swap, pass, play, and all. The first option gives the player the choice of swapping their card once. The pass option allows the player to pick another teammate, while the play option leaves them with no choice but to read out the quotation in the given accent. The all option allows the participation of all the teams. A correct guess earns the team one point and the team that gains 15 points first wins.


Accentuate is a British game and hence includes a number of regional British accents, though international accents are also used. There are 30 different accents to be used overall, with 90 quotation cards. A timer and a die are also included. The combination of the accents and the quotations gives a large number of options for the players, so that the same thing is not repeated often.

The game has been described as the most embarrassing and awkward game ever played. It might be a good idea to avoid this game when extremely sensitive people are present, and it would certainly be smart to involve everyone in deciding whether they are comfortable with this game. But if there is a happy gathering of people who want to actually play, Accentuate provides a barrel of laughs! Compact enough to carry around and easy enough to play, Accentuate is an ideal game for parties and other occasions.



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