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Adventure Time Connect 4

Connect 4 is a really entertaining game, perfect for both children and adults. The game is a very simple two – player game. Each player chooses one colour and then all you have to do is to drop the discs into the slots provided. The first player who gets four of their colour discs in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, is the winner. The gameplay also means you have to not just strategize your own win but also hinder your opponent.

Connect 4 has many versions out since it was first introduced in 1974 by Milton Bradley. This version is based on characters from the Animation Time program on Cartoon Network. The theme is based in the land of Ooo. The game is played between the Ice King and Gunter on one side and Finn and Jake, on the other. You can also use the Lumpy Space Princess or the Earl of Lemongrab to block your opponent. Making the classic game much more fun, Adventure Time Connect 4 is a wonderful union of the show and the game.

The game is suitable for everyone and children above the age of three can understand and follow the concept of Adventure Time Connect 4. They are also more likely to identify and enjoy the multi-coloured paraphernalia of the game. Adventure Time Connect 4 comes with 1 grid on which the discs are to be dropped, as well as end supports for standing it up. There are 21 counters each in orange and in blue, as well as 2 scoring dials. The Adventure Time connection comes through 1 sheet each of Ice King and Gunter, and Finn and Jake counter labels. Then, there are the Lumpy Space Princess or the Earl of Lemongrab blocker discs and labels.

The gameplay is quick but the re-playability factor of Adventure Time Connect 4 is immense. So what are you waiting for?



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