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Bang! 4th Edition

A Western themed game, Bang! has players put in the role of outlaw, renegade, deputy, and sheriff. They all have different roles to fulfil and except for the sheriff, no other player’s role is known. The theme is very typical of the American West and the winner is determined based on the status of the game when the sheriff is killed. The interesting thing about this game is that the sheriff can win the game even if they die.

The game first came out in 2002 and became quite popular, even winning awards such as Lucas Best Games in 2002 and Origin Awards in a couple of categories in 2003. The 4th edition of the game differs only slightly from the original in the sense that the card text is slightly different and there is less dependency on icons. Designed by Emiliano Sciarra and illustrated by Alessandro Pierangelini, this game was published first in Italy by daVinci Editrice.

The game can be played by seven people, each of whom will be issued one role card. There are 7 role cards in all, with 2 deputies and 3 outlaws, and one each of sheriff and renegade. There are also 16 character cards, 80 playing cards, and 7 summary cards. The game also comes with 30 bullet tokens, and 7 player boards. The rule book is published in colour and has instructions in different European languages.

The illustrations are beautiful and very reminiscent of the old Wild West. The feel of the game is very apt too. The game time can last for around 30 minutes. It can be a good filler game and is also a fun party game. If you are throwing a Western themed party, then Bang! should be your primary choice. All in all, a fun game for a fun evening.






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