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Batman Fluxx

The city of Gotham is facing a severe crime wave and the local authorities are helpless. Only Batman can save Gotham. A card-based, crime themed game, Batman Fluxx is one of the games that is easy to understand, simple to play but difficult to master. Designed by Andrew Looney, illustrated by Derek Ring, and published by Looney Labs, Batman Fluxx is a thrilling and ever-changing game.

One of the unique things about Batman Fluxx that continues to keep the game interesting is that the rules keep changing. No one player, no matter how smart or experienced, can devise a strategy based on the rules because they change at every point. This keeps the players on their toes and gives a keen edge to the game. Randomness is the key to the game.

Batman Fluxx

The game includes a large number of cards of different types that can be drawn and played. The game starts with each player getting 3 cards and the basic rules are to be followed. Each player draws one card and plays one card. The cards can fall under one of the following categories: new rule, goal, action, keeper, and creeper. The first three categories are self-explanatory. The keeper cards are to keep for fulfilling the goals, while the creeper cards work like anti-creepers. They ruin the player’s hand. There is also a sixth type of card called surprise card, which allows the player to do unexpected things.

Batman Fluxx is developed on the Fluxx games but it has managed to integrate the thematic elements of Batman into the game quite well with the Creeper cards, who basically act as villains. The Surprise cards are also a new innovation in Fluxx.

A very short game, Batman Fluxx is ideal for all ages and for different situations. The Batman theme only adds to the enjoyment. For those who are Batman fans and enjoy a bit of chaos now and then, this is an excellent game!



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