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Bohnanza Card Game

A game of trade and politics, Bohnanza is a German card game. Designed by Uwe Rosenberg, and published in both German and English by Amigo Spiele and Rio Grande Games respectively, Bohnanza has won the Fairplay à la Carte award in 1997. It has become a very popular game in twenty years since its release. A large number of expansions and spin-offs for this game have since been introduced.

The aim of the game is to plant beans and get the best possible harvest. There are eleven different beans to be planted and the type of bean determines the kind of money you get for the harvest. The biggest challenge of Bohnanza is that the player cannot arrange their hand strategically. They have to play their turn in the order of the cards drawn. However, it is possible to trade or donate an unwanted bean card to other players. At the end of the game, all the fields are harvested, and the player with the most coins wins the game.

The German and English versions of the game are very similar, though a few changes have been made. One of the more visible changes is that the brandy bean was changed to wax bean for the English version. The German version allows 3 to 5 players while the English version, which includes the first German expansion, allows for 3 to 7 players.

The entire gameplay depends on beans, and hence the name of the game is a clever play on words, a combination of the German word ‘bohne’, meaning bean, and the English word bonanza. The focus is on trading in order to avoid having to play a bad hand. The gameplay is around one hour and provides a lot of fun. An excellent party game for all ages, Bohnanza provides a fun experience.



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