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Boss Monster Card Game

The hard core gamers of today are those who started with the pixelated wonders of the 1980s and 1990s. In the tradition of Mario, Pac Man, and Scramble, Boss Monster is a simple and yet entertaining game. Anyone who has loved the games of the past is bound to enjoy Boss Monster.

The theme of Boss Monster involves a boss monster who has to collect the souls of adventurers who get in his way. One player takes on the role of the boss monster and the others are the adventurers. Your job is to construct a lair and try to entice the adventurers inside. After capturing them, you then have to kill them. If you manage to do so, you have obtained a soul. For winning the game, you have to obtain ten souls.

Boss Monster is designed by the well-known O’Neal brothers, Johnny and Chris, and published by Brotherwise Games. A number of artists have put in time and effort in this game for creating the artwork, and it shows. These include Beau Buckley, Francisco Coda, Katrina Guillermo, Kyle Merritt, David Nyari, Alexander Olsen, and Andres Sanabria.

The main charm of the game lies in its retro effect. Playing the game takes you right back to the 16-bit games of yore. The design and artwork of Boss Monster amply reflects this theme. The artwork shows a pixelated effect too! The basic version of the game contains a set of 155 cards, divided into different types of cards, each fulfilling a different function: boss cards, room cards, spell cards, ordinary hero cards, and epic hero cards.

Boss Monster can be played with 2 or more people, and the game lasts for approximately 20 minutes. It makes a great party game. It also works well as a filler game during a gaming session. If you have ever enjoyed any old game, this card game will take you right back to nostalgia land!



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