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Can wearing a N95 mask protect you against coronavirus?

Don your face mask!

Can a N95 face mask protect against Covid-19?
Yes, respiratory face masks (they fit tightly around your nose and mouth), commonly know as N95 face masks can protect against the virus if you wear and use them correctly. You need to fit them correctly so they are tight to the face. In a way, having some protection is better than no protection at all.

These masks are thicker than a normal medical mask. However, they need to be fitted properly, and they are not designed to be used for a long period. 30 minutes is an average time to wear. Dispose of the face when it gets wet or dirty. A typical N95 mask should only be worn for 8 hours.
Some users may have trouble breathing. You can't wear N95, KN95 and FFP2 masks if you have a beard or stubble.

Where can I get an N95 mask?
Since the quarantine announcement, consumers have been struggling to get hold of the popular N95 Face or the surgical mask. Well known places like Amazon and eBay are clamping down on sellers due to price gouging policy so it has been near impossible to match customer demand. At QuanticGaming due to emergency measures we are supplying the KN95 mask which is equivalent to N95.

What is the difference between N95, KN95, KF95 and FFP2?
In summary, different countries use different codes and numbers to name their respiratory face masks. They are all very similar.

The N95 is the USA standard
The KN95 is the China standard
The KF94 is the Korean standard
and finally
FFP2 is the EU standard. This includes the UK.

Do surgical masks protect against coronavirus infection?
The general advice coming from medical professionals is that it couldn't hurt to use them if you do so properly, but that they are less effective if not worn properly.
The 'N95' stamp means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator blocks at least 95 percent of 0.3 microns (300 nanometre) test particles.
The coronavirus molecule is 0.125 microns (125 nanometres) by comparison.
The major issue with the masks is that most people don't wear them the right way, compromising their efficiency.

The final word for N95
As well as protecting yourself from Covid-19, wearing a face mask will also have the following advantages
- it will help stop you touching your own face.
- if you sneeze, it will catch the droplets and avoid you spreading.

If everyone wore a face mask and kept social distancing rules, then together we can stop the spread of this virus.




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