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Cardline: Marvel

The Cardline games are a series of games that are very similar to the Timeline series of games. These games all have the same type of gameplay and work well with all kinds of themes. Published by Asmodee Games, the Cardline games have different themes, which give a slightly different feel to each game.

Cardline Marvel is designed with Marvel comic characters in mind. There are around a hundred cards in the game, each one with a different Marvel superhero. With a hundred cards that include characters like Thor, Hulk, Spider Man, and Ultron, you might even manage to get your favourite superhero cards once in a while. Both sides of the card have the name and picture of the superhero, while the weight, IQ, and fighting ability are given on one side of the card. These are the factors on which the game is based.

Before starting the game, players discuss which of the three criteria to use, and they agree on one. The cards are dealt out between the players. They are not allowed to look at the statistics of the character and the cards are to be kept face down. When it is their turn, each player places a card at the centre, revealing its statistics. The trick is to ensure that each card is placed among the other cards in correct numerical order, depending on the statistic chosen by the players. If the card is not placed correctly, it is removed and the player has to take a fresh card from the deck. The winner is the player who gets rid of all their cards first.

Designed by Frédéric Henry, who has also designed other Cardline games such as Animals and Dinosaurs, Cardline Marvel is a nice and uncomplicated game that is suitable for all ages and experience levels. It will especially appeal to those who are into superheroes.



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