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Castle Panic

Castle Panic is a board game that relies on strategy. The goal of the game is simple: to protect the castle from the monsters lurking in the forest nearby. The difference between Castle Panic and other similar strategy games is that this requires the players to work together to achieve their goal instead of against each other. In the end, only one player can be the Master Slayer, so players need to balance their desire to win against cooperating with the team for the greater good.

The castle is located in the middle of the board and the land around the castle is divided into three colours, each one requiring a different type of card to kill the monsters lurking there. Apart from the board, the game pack also includes a die, a tar token, 6 walls, 6 towers, 2 fortify tokens, 49 castle cards, 49 monster tokens, 6 order of play cards, and 12 plastic stands. In the end, players need to keep at least one castle tower standing at the end of the game to win.

Castle Panic

Designed by Justin de Witt and published by Fireside Games, Castle Panic has won the 2011 GeekDad's Best Board Game of 2011 in the Most Monsters Category. The game has also been nominated for a number of awards since it was released in 2009. These include the Golden Geek Awards in two categories as well as the Origin Awards. In addition, it was also featured in the 2011 Games Magazine Top 100 Traditional Board Games.

The game is ideal for one to six players and is a good exercise in cooperative strategy. With easy to learn rules and providing an action-packed gameplay, Castle Panic is a fun game that can be brought out on all occasions whenever a number of people are gathered together. It’s also a great party game. If killing monsters is your thing, a game of Castle Panic would be ideal for you.



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