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Codenames: Pictures

Codenames is one of the more popular filler games out there. The original is a word-based espionage board game, with an emphasis on teamwork. Codenames: Pictures is a similar game, the only difference being that the words in the original game are substituted with weird pictures, making the game slightly more complex. But the visual appeal is a winner!

In the tradition of guess the movie, Codenames: Pictures requires the players to guess the code names in the set that match the hint word given by the other player. Designed by Vlaada Chvàtil, the game was published by Czech Games Edition in 2016 and has already won a host of gamer awards, including the Golden Geek Award in two categories.

Easy to play and simple to understand, Codenames: Pictures is an interesting word game. Though the theme of the game is rather non-existent, it still offers a good gameplay. The illustrations created by a team of artists including David Cochard and Jana Kilianová are excellent and give a lot of work to the brain when trying to logically connect them together.

The gameplay is simple and lasts for around 15 minutes. There are two teams, with each team having its own spymaster. There are three stacks of cards, of which the ones containing the code names laid out in a grid. These cards each represent the agents of the two teams, as well as innocent bystanders. But there is also an assassin amongst them as well. Only the spymaster knows which are which but the players don’t.

An excellent and unique word game by any standards, Codenames: Pictures provides for a lot of simple fun. With potential for great hilarity, this simple but fun card game is suitable for almost every occasion. It is also a brilliant take on the original game, and hence will win over both new gamers as well as those who loved Codenames in its original form.




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