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Cortex Challenge

Think you have a brain? Then it is time to play Cortex Challenge. Collect pieces of your brain in a race with your friends and see who wins first! The game tests your memory, speed, cognition, and sensory perception. If you are winning each time, you know who the smartest one around the table is. It is a great game, designed by Johan Benvenuto and Nicolas Bourgoin. The lovely illustrations so integral to the game is made by Sébastien Cortez. Cortex Challenge is published by Asmodee Games and it came out in 2016.

Cortex Challenge offers eight different challenges, each of which will test your skills. There are touch tests, logical mazes, memory tests, colour puzzles, coordination tests, duplicates, frequency, and reasoning. Each one tests a different ability and you will have to be proficient in them all to win.

The game comes with 90 different cards, each containing a challenge. The cards are shuffled and the players pick them up, one by one. If you win the challenge, you get the card. Once you have two cards of the same challenge, you can exchange them for a piece of the brain. The brain is divided into four pieces, and the final aim of the game is to collect all the pieces. The player who pieces their brain together first is the winner.

Cortex Challenge works well for young children, who love these kind of puzzle games. The game can be played by 2 to 6 players, which makes it suitable as a family activity as well. The gameplay is only around 15 minutes. This makes Cortex Challenge a great filler game at a party or at a larger gaming session. The game has won the hearts of many players and was even nominated for the Arets Spel Best Family Game in 2016.

So what are you waiting for? Start collecting your brain parts and prove you are the smartest!



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