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Coup is a short game filled with deceit, lies, and bluffing. Delicious! You are the head of a family during Renaissance Italy and your city is filled with corruption. The Signoria is in a weakened state and if you are in the power game, you need to lie and bribe to get anywhere. You have to concentrate on pulling down other influential families while grabbing power for your own. In the end, only one family will survive, and rule over the city.

While playing the game, each player is assigned one of the many different roles. The aim of the game is to be the last player left standing. The gameplay is simple and fast, and the game can go on for around 15 minutes, making it an excellent filler game. It’s also a great party game as the fibs and accusations fly around, setting the tone.

Coup starts with each player having 2 influence. They can gather more influence by taking specific actions during their turn. Of course, they can also lie through the teeth about the cards they have. But beware, each time you get caught lying, you lose one influence. If you are not lying, then your accuser loses one influence. This is simply a game of bluff with an Italian Renaissance theme. The catch is that you will be performing player actions depending on your card. This is where lying sometimes becomes necessary.

Designed by Rikki Tahta, Coup is well thought out. The illustrations are done by a team of artists including Luis Francisco and Stephanie Gustafsson, and is similar to the artwork of The Resistance, which was also published by Indie Board and Cards. The game comes with 15 character cards, 6 player aids, and 50 coins. Coup is a delightful little game, quite suitable for all kinds of occasions.



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