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Dead of Winter – A Crossroads Game

Designed by Isaac Vega and Jon Gilmour, Dead of Winter is the first game in a series of board games planned by Plaid Hat Games. The series will be known as Crossroads, but the development of the series would depend on the success of the first game. The game is good for 2 to 5 players and can be loosely considered a cooperative game.

Each survivor has two goals: a common goal and an individual goal. Depending on whether the player is able to fulfil the conditions of both goals, they win or lose the game. There are ten available scenarios to choose from, and this chosen scenario sets the morale at the beginning of the game, allowing the players a certain number of rounds in which to complete their objectives. Though the game requires the players to cooperate on several aspects, some players are also given qualities that might unwittingly put the entire mission at risk. And then, there is the traitor waiting to backstab everyone else!

Dead of Winter is a brilliant game that calls for cooperation but with a traitor in the midst, who can tell who it is? It is next to impossible to say for sure whether the actions of a player is taken for the common good or if they are the traitor, which gives a thrilling edge to the game. It certainly won the Golden Geek Awards in 2014 for the Best Innovative Board Game and the Best Thematic Board Game.      

The world has ended and there are only a few survivors. Zombies strew the landscape and food and supplies are hard to come by. You are a group of people trying to survive this world and gain power in your own hands. Do you work together or do you follow your own goals? Do you want to help everyone or are you going to be the traitor? Play the game and find out!




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