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Dixit 2 Expansion

Dixit was first published in 2008 by Asmodee. The game was designed by Jean-Louis Roubira and the illustrations were done by Marie Cardouat. Dixit quickly became a favourite party game and won a host of gaming awards, including the Hungarian Board Game Award in 2010, the Juego del Año in 2009, the Lys Grand Public in 2009, the As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année in 2009, and the Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection in 2011, as well as many others.

The game pack contains a set of 84 well illustrated cards, 36 voting tokens in various colours, and 6 wooden rabbits. The Dixit 2 expansion contains another set of 84 cards, which can be used together with the original ones. The other components and the game play remains the same for the expansion.

The gameplay for Dixit 2 is quite simple. The cards are shuffled and distributed to the players, each of whom gets 6 cards each. A storyteller is chosen and that player selects one of their cards and make up a single sentence based on the picture. Once this is done, the other plays check their cards and choose one which matches the sentence best. The selected cards of all the players are shuffled and then flipped over. All the players then vote on the most likely picture of the storyteller. Points are given to the players based on what card they voted for. At the end of the game, all cards would be used up and the player with the highest points is the winner.

One of the best attractions of the game is the fact that the illustrations are brilliant and can mean anything. The pictures offer a lot of scope for imagination and creativity, which is at the heart of Dixit. It is an amazing party game but also caters to family entertainment purposes. Children as well as adults can easily enjoy this game, and of course, there are a lot of laughs. It’s just the perfect game for every occasion!



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