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Doom: The Board Game

Doom was originally a video game released in 1993, based on the first-person shooter concept. It was a huge success and altered the industry standards forever. Today, Doom is considered as a classic in the genre. The series has the gamer playing a space marine working under the Union Aerospace Corporation, and fights demons in order to save the Earth and to survive.

Doom: The Board Game, designed by Jonathan Ying, has a similar theme where the players play marines who engage in battle with demons. The game has a player capacity of up to 5 with one invader player and four marine players. Released in 2016, this game has brought back fond memories to many video game players. The lovely artwork by Zoe Robinson, and Ben Zweifel are quite appropriate for the theme of the game.

The gameplay lasts for anywhere between 2 to 3 hours, providing a few satisfactory hours of play. The box comes with custom dice, map tiles, and plastic miniatures representing four marines and 33 demons. The game begins with each player choosing one of the five scenarios provided, the combination of which consists a campaign. Other scenarios can also be created. The aim of the game is to win, and the invader and marine players win in different ways. The invader needs six frags to win, and the marines need to reach the exit.

The game is complicated enough to keep the attention of most seasoned gamers. This offering by Fantasy Flight Games adds one more great game to their repertoire, and provides the fans of the Doom franchise with more entertainment than ever before. Don’t make a mistake – this game is only for those who like to engage in combat. Develop your own military strategy and escape from the demons of hell. In short, play Doom and escape your own doom!



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