Dream Home

What is your idea of a dream home? In Dream Home, you get the opportunity to find out! Compete with your friends by building your lovely home and compare your homes. Immerse yourself in building rooms, furniture, and adding decorations to create the best house possible for yourself. Your job is to plan your home and strategically play your hands to achieve your goals.

Designed by Klemens Kalicki, Dream Home has some lovely illustrations by Bartłomiej Kordowski, which make you feel like you want these in your homes. The game came out in 2016 and was published by Asmodee Games. The game was well-liked and was nominated for the Golden Geek Awards in 2016 under the Best Family Game category.

The gameplay consists of twelve rounds and the game can last up to around 40 minutes. This 2 - 4 player game comes with player boards and two card decks – one each for resources and rooms. Each player board contains twelve rooms over two floors, each containing five rooms and two basement rooms. As the players start playing, they can take both resource and room cards from the deck in their turn, and thus plan their house. The game is finished when both decks are depleted. Then the players count the points based on different criteria such as rooms, décor, functionality, and roof.

Dream Home is a great game, perfect for a fun evening with family or friends. It is especially a great game for children and the cards are very pretty. The game is also quite easy to learn and fun to play, no matter how often you do it. You might genuinely end up building your own idea of a dream home while playing, so it can even be a fun exercise at an entirely different level!



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