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Drummond Park Pickin’ Chickens

Pickin’ Chickens is a quick game, especially suitable for young children. The traditional version is theoretically about making omelettes by picking up the eggs as soon as the chicken lays them and bringing them to the frying pan. The paraphernalia is usually quite colourful, as is suitable for games for children above the age of 4. The game time is also very quick, lasting for merely 10 minutes. The replayability factor is, however, quite high, as children love to rush around with the trolleys and the eggs.

Drummond Park Pickin’ Chickens is a game of Pickin’ Chickens manufactured by the British toy manufacturer, Drummond Park. It is one of the largest independent toy manufacturers in the country and has a good reputation for bringing out quality stuff. This version is slightly different than the traditional one, though just as fun. In Drummond Park Pickin’ Chickens, the game can be played at two levels. For the younger ones, the game involves collecting four chickens of any colour. The older players have to collect one chicken of each colour. The danger involves a fox who jumps up randomly to devour the chickens. Of course, only the farmer can chase away the fox!

The gameplay is very simple. There are twelve chicken coops in the chicken field. Each player takes their turn to spin the field and hopes for luck. If they get the right kind of chicken or the farmer card, they can protect their chickens and keep them safe. Once the four chickens are in hand, the player wins. The game is suitable for 2 to 4 players and children enjoy this game. Colourful, jazzy, and fun, Drummond Park Pickin’ Chickens is a highly suitable game for keeping your children busy during all kinds of occasions.



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