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You are a socialite in the 1920s and your goal is to serve the perfect elevenses to your guests. The better the spread is, the more famed your name will be! Your servants are getting ready to serve the meal but your so-called friends are trying to wreck your party, while your guests are looking forward to the spread. Will you be the best, or at least better than all your neighbours?

Elevenses is a card game in which your goal is to earn seven sugar cubes. These cubes are earned by players at the end of each round by counting the number of spoons they have gathered. Spoons are counted on the basis of the goodies they carry, each item having a different number of points. This can be cake, sugar, tea, milk, sandwich, etc. The game includes 44 player cards, divided into 4 identical decks of 11 cards. On each card is depicted a food item that comprises tea as a meal.  

The expansion version of Elevenses also has guest cards, featuring guests with specific requirements who visit you for tea. Satisfying these guests will earn you spoons. There are reference cards as well to help with the referencing of the various cards and the gameplay. The game also provides a start player card and a sugar bowl to keep the sugar cubes in. A cute addition to the game is a service bell, which can be used to indicate when the round is finished.

The gameplay is simple but allows for strategic thought and planning. Elevenses is suitable for 2 to 4 players and the game lasts for around 30 minutes, which makes it an excellent party game. Designed by David Harding and published by Adventureland Games, this game has been nominated for the Best Australian Game in 2015. The illustrations by TJ Lubrano are lovely and attractive, in keeping with the theme of the jazz age socialites and their lavish tea parties. The game is good fun and is suitable for all kinds of people.



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