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Firefly: The Game

A sci-fi based game, Firefly: The Game requires the players to travel to different planets on a spaceship. Build up a crew, travel around the universe, find upgrades for your ship, accept delivery jobs and earn money. It is the jobs which makes the game challenging – from illegal activities to unscrupulous employers, every job has its own risks. It is up to you how you navigate these pitfalls.

Firefly: The Game is based on the TV show, Firefly. The show remained a brief glimpse into this universe and was cancelled in its very first season. But not before it created a huge fanbase and achieved cult status. If you are one of the fans, then this game is for you. The artwork is reminiscent of the show’s world and there are even quotes that made the show memorable. Even if you are not, you ought to try out the game and the TV show, a must for any sci-fi fan.

Published by Gale Force 9 in 2013, Firefly: The Game has quickly become popular. The realistic graphics were created by Charles Woods and the intricate gameplay was developed by a team of three: Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski, and Sean Sweigart. The game was highly appreciated by fans and was nominated for The Golden Geek Awards in the Best Thematic Game category in 2013.

The game is a card-based one and comes with 5 ship cards, 6 story cards, and 431 game cards. Also included are a number of plastic ships, 150 paper money, 167 tokens, and 2 dice, apart from the game board. The use of the dice brings more unpredictability into the game, which seasoned gamers would appreciate. The aim of the game is to win by completing the goals of your specific scenario. The player who does this first is the winner.

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