Fruit Salad Card Game

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Fruit Salad Card Game

Fruit Salad is a dice-based filler game that is excellent for parties and gatherings when people need to be entertained for a short period. The aim of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand or score four points, whichever comes earlier. The game contains 2 dice, one with numbers and the other with fruit in it. There are also cards containing fruit in different quantities. With just these two things, Fruit Salad provides an enjoyable experience.

The deck of cards is dealt out between the players. One of the players starts the game by rolling both the dice simultaneously. This combination gives the goal for the player, that is, to look out for the number of fruits specified by the dice. Each player reveals one card from their deck and places it facing up. The cards pile up and this is called the fruit bowl. When the correct number of fruits has been put in the fruit bowl, the player puts their hand on top of the pile to make a claim. If the player is right, they keep one card face up and distribute the other cards among the others. If the claim is wrong, the player has to take all the cards into their pile.



Though this sounds very simple, what makes this game challenging is that the goal is changing throughout the game, every time you roll the dice. There are also some cards that require you to roll the dice again, changing your goals. Keeping track of all the cards in the pile can become tough after a while.

Designed by Vincent Boulanger and Jean-Charles Mourey, Fruit Salad is especially appealing to younger players. It was published in 2015 by Ludically, REBELpl, and Swan Panasia Co. Ltd. and has since then become a very popular filler game.




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