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Funko Independence Day Resurgence Figurine – Alien Warrior Pop!

Pop! figures are very popular as a collectible item. One of the outstanding features of the Funko Pop! line is its unique style. Bobble head figures with heads that are disproportionately larger than the bodies stand out from all other pop culture toys being manufactured. Other characteristics include widely spaced black eyes and a lack of nose, mouth and eyebrows. It is meant to depict cuteness and humour. Produced by Funko, this line originated in 2010 and includes a large number of toys depicting popular culture. The Pop! figures are a suitable collectible item for anyone above the age of 14.

Independence Day is an adventure science-fiction film franchise, which started in 1996 with the first film. The events of Independence Day: Resurgence is set 20 years after the events of the first film. In this edition, the aliens once again attack earth. Though not as successful as the first part, Independence Day: Resurgence still did well and spawned off a number of franchise products. The Independence Day series has a number of Pop! figures, including three types of alien figures.

Funko is known for typing up with various franchises, and Independence Day is no different. The figure is approximately 3.75 in length but the actual size can differ due to its unique design. The alien is carrying a gun, and looks ready for attack. The figure looks very true to form and comes in both light and dark brown colours. The box set comes with a chase variant at the ratio if 1:6. An exclusive FYE Exclusive figure is also available. The set includes a sci-fi movie trading card, through which you might receive a more valuable card. Funko Independence Day Resurgence Figurine is an excellent collectible for fans of both Pop! figures and Independence Day.



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