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Funko Marvel Captain America with Photon Shield

Pop! figures are very popular as a collectible item. One of the outstanding features of the Funko Pop! line is its unique style. Bobble head figures with heads that are disproportionately larger than the bodies stand out from all other pop culture toys being manufactured. Other characteristics include widely spaced black eyes and a lack of nose, mouth and eyebrows. It is meant to depict cuteness and humour. Produced by Funko, this line originated in 2010 and includes a large number of toys depicting popular culture.

Captain America is a superhero from comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was the brainchild of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, cartoonists who first created the character decades ago in 1941! Though Captain America was discontinued for a while in between, he was revived again and has been a firm favourite among the Marvel superheroes.

Funko is known for coming out with various Marvel superhero figures, and they have all proved to be extremely popular. For the 75th anniversary of the creation of Captain America, Funko has decided to bring out a new figure. The Pop! figure is carrying a plasma shield, specifically referring to an episode when US President Bill Clinton exiled Captain America for leaking information. The shield was given to him by Sharon Carter. While the Captain America figure was one of the first vinyl figures to come out in Pop!, this edition has a few minor differences such as the shield being translucent and the blue uniform being darker.

The figure is approximately 3.75 inches in length and is dressed typically in blue and red. The packaging is specially done to include a mention of the 75th anniversary of the character, and the box also includes a sticker depicting this milestone. Funko Marvel Captain America with Photon Shield is an excellent collectible for fans of both Pop! figures and the Captain America.




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