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Funko Pop! Marvel 4 Pack Set

Pop! figures are very popular as a collectible item. One of the outstanding features of the Funko Pop! line is its unique style. Bobble head figures with heads that are disproportionately larger than the bodies stand out from all other pop culture toys being manufactured. Other characteristics include widely spaced black eyes and a lack of nose, mouth and eyebrows.

The Marvel comics were first started in 1960, and they quickly became popular. Today, the Marvel universe encompasses comics, books, toys, games, movies, and many other products, with a large number of characters that are depicted in this universe.

In the Funko Pop! Marvel 4 pack set, there are four items from the Marvel universe. Two of them are Pop! figures and the other two are key chains. The two toy figures are Civil War Hawkeye Pop! and Spiderman Pop!. The Civil War Hawkeye figure carries a bow and arrow in its hand and is dressed in grey, while the Spiderman figure is in its usual red spider suit and is carrying a shield.

The pack also carries two key chains with the figures of Captain America and Iron Man dangling at the end. The Captain America figure is in blue, with red and white thrown in while the Iron Man figure is in red and gold. The Pop! figures are their usual size, while the figures in the key chains have been reduced down in size to make them more portable.

The packaging of this set of 4 items is well done and the paint job on the figures is highly detailed and stylised. This package adds excellent value to your collection and is suitable for anyone who is into the Marvel universe or is a fan of the Pop! figures. The key chains especially are a nice touch to add to the package.



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