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Funko POP Movies: Secret Life of Pets Action Figure - Flocked Chloe

Pop! figures are very popular as a collectible item. One of the outstanding features of the Funko Pop! line is its unique style. Bobble head figures with heads that are disproportionately larger than the bodies stand out from all other pop culture toys being manufactured. Other characteristics include widely spaced black eyes and a lack of nose, mouth and eyebrows. It is meant to depict cuteness and humour. Produced by Funko, this line originated in 2010 and includes a large number of toys depicting popular culture. The Pop! figures are a suitable collectible item for anyone above the age of 14.

Chloe is one of the characters from the film The Secret Life of Pets. The film came out in 2016 and was an animation film with animals as the key characters. Chloe is a fat and blue tabby cat. Her character is apathetic and disinterested and provides funny moments when her sarcasm comes through. She is much beloved to the fans of the franchise and her clumsiness could be quite adorable! The film was a huge success and so was the products related to the franchise. The Secret Life of Pets has a number of Pop! figures, including Max, Gidget, Snowball, and Duke, in addition to Chloe.

Funko is known for tying up with various franchises, and The Secret Life of Pets is no different. The figure is around 10 cm high and is an Amazon exclusive. This flocked version has a slightly furry texture. The figure is bluish purple in colour like the original in the film and looks totally adorable! Flocked Chloe is designed to be hollow inside and hence is much more lightweight than many other Pop! figures. However, it doesn’t detract from its attractiveness, and possibly adds to the charisma. Funko POP Movies: Secret Life of Pets Action Figure - Flocked Chloe is an excellent collectible for fans of both Pop! figures and The Secret Life of Pets.



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