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Fury of Dracula

The blood sucking Count Dracula is back in town! Everyone believes that Dracula has been defeated by the joint offices of Abrahan Van Helsing, Dr John Seward, and Lord Goldalming. But the Count has risen again and is on a mission of revenge. The game is set in Europe in 1898, eight years after the events of the book. The Count is trying to build an army of vampires across Europe. The phenomenon of mysterious murders and animals behaving uncharacteristically have reached the ears of our vampire hunters and they get ready to take on yet another quest to destroy Count Dracula.

Fury of Dracula is a cooperative game in which the hunters cooperate with each other in order to defeat the vampire. There is a set of rules for the hunters, but Dracula has to work with a completely different set of rules, which makes the game pretty intriguing. Your aim in the game as a hunter is to try and predict the vampire’s route and strategy and try to overcome the obstacles set up by him. If you are the vampire, then your goal is to try and kill the hunters. The original edition of the game had various levels of victory, which meant that different players could win at different levels. But in this third version of the game, the hunters have to kill Dracula to be able to win and the Count wins if he manages to survive an entire day and night and kill the hunters.

Published by Fantasy Flight Games, Fury of Dracula has been designed by Frank Brooks, Stephen Hand, and Kevin Wilson. The amazing artwork for the game has been created by Chris Beck and Samuel Shimota. The game play is easy to understand but can actually provide a long and interesting session as a game can typically last for around two hours.

If you are a fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, then Fury of Dracula is a game not to be missed!



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