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Game of Phones

Never mind the Game of Thrones! Do you know there is a game called Game of Phones, which is a delightful game that embraces the phone culture of modern times? It is a simple game that requires no strategy or planning. All you need is the game board and your cell phone.

When a pair of friends, Sam and Luke, realised that smartphones had all but taken over our lives, they came up with a game for people to have fun by including their smartphones. They played it with their friends and since everyone enjoyed it, the two decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game design and concept. Released in October 2014, the game has become intensely popular around the world.

A card-based game, Game of Phones can be played by two or more players. There are more than a hundred cards with different prompts, so a huge variety is ensured for many game plays. The gameplay is simple for even beginner gamers to understand. The question master picks a prompt card from the deck and reads it out aloud. The winner is decided by the question master for the turn. Each player can become question master in their turn. The entire strategy of the game relies on the players finding the best option for the solution online through your phone. The first player to win ten rounds is the final winner.

Though not very suitable for those who don’t use their smartphones often or those who don’t possess a smartphone, this is definitely a great game for youngsters and those who are very active on their phones. It is a quick, fun game that is perfect for a party or for playing with the family. With the help of this game, people can once more reconnect in person, even with smartphones in their hands.




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