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Game of Thrones - The Trivia Game

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Is Westeros in your blood? Can you keep track of all the changes taking place in this deadly world? Do you have an opinion on whether the show or the books is better? Do you secretly harbour dreams of taking over the Iron Throne? If the answer to these questions is a resounding ‘yes’, then The Game of Thrones Trivia Game is perfect for you!

Fantasy Flight Games has tied up with Martin long before HBO came into the picture. So the other games based on the A Song of Ice and Fire series is more attuned towards the books than the show. However, in The Game of Thrones Trivia Game, they have chosen to take an approach more in tune with the details in the show.

The game comes with a board depicting the map of Westeros, with nine locations. There are several decks of cards, coded by season in order to avoid spoilers. There are three markers in slightly increasing sizes and a number of resource tokens. The game also comes with a number of favour cards, granting the player some perks.

The player chooses a location and then chooses a marker. Depending on the size of the marker, the player has to answer one, two, or three questions correctly. If they manage to do so, then they can place their marker on that location and claim influence as well as resource tokens, which can then be spent to buy favour cards. Once the game is in full swing, players have to struggle to gain and keep control of their locations. Only knowledge can help win this game.

Designed by Jonathan Ying, The Game of Thrones Trivia Game has proved to be very popular among fans of the series. If you are a fan of strategy games or The Game of Thrones saga, then don’t miss out on this excellent game!



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