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Jaipur is a card-based game, released in 2009, and published by Asmodee Games. It is a trading game and has turned out to be extremely popular. This two-player game is based in the capital city of Rajasthan, India. The two players take the roles of two powerful trades of the city but both yearn for something more. The Maharaja will invite only one of them to his court – a great honour. For this, you need to obtain two Seals of Excellence. You are going to have to outdo your competitor by trading at better prices.

The gameplay , conceived by Sébastien Pauchon, is very simple. You take or sell cards in your turn. The cards allow you to choose between taking camels or markets. You can also swap new cards for the ones you already have. Alternatively, you can also sell cards, in return for which you are allowed to sell goods. Camels are essential for trading, as you simple can’t get through the desert without them.

The game contains a deck of 55 cards, of which 44 feature goods and the remaining 11 feature camels. There are also 38 goods tokens, a pile of bonus tokens, and three seal of excellence tokens. The artwork is done by Alexandre Roche, who has done an excellent job. The quality of the board is excellent as is the quality of the tokens. Jaipur has won several awards including the Fairplay à la Carte and the Games Magazine Award for the Best New Family Card Game.

This fairly simple game acts as an interesting filler game for longer gaming sessions. It is just complicated enough to keep the interest of experienced players, and simple and quick enough to engage new players. Immerse yourself in the medieval city of Jaipur, and enjoy your tryst with the past.



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