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Lords of Waterdeep: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

You are a powerful lord and your aim is to grab as many power points of the city as possible in order to become the most powerful. Indulge yourself in political intrigue and embark on quests to gain more power. The game is set in the Dungeons & Dragons world in the Forgotten Realms campaign. The fictional city of Waterdeep awaits you!

Designed by Peter Lee and Rodney Thompson, Lords of Waterdeep is a simple but amazing game that has the power to addict gamers. The game goes on for eight rounds and the person with the highest points at the end is the winner. Points can be obtained by completing quests, gathering resources and money, and constructing buildings. There can be nasty surprises in store for you in the form of mandatory quests. You can also play intrigue cards that give you special benefits or topple your opponent’s game completely.

Lords of Waterdeep comes with a game board, 5 player mats, 121 cards, including intrigue, quest, and lord cards. 130 wooden cubes in four different colours, 6 pawns, and scoring pieces. There are also two extra player markers and card stock tiles and tokens for buildings, coins, and victory points.

Nicely illustrated by a team of designers, Lords of Waterdeep was published in 2012 by Wizards of the Coast. An expansion released later also provided more intricacy to the game, but the base game is eminently playable. The game has won a number of awards such as the ENnie Award for the Best RPG Related Product and the Guldbrikken Special Jury Prize in 2012, as well as the Origins Award in 2013 under the Best Board Game category.

This five-player game is a wonderful way to pass an hour or so, and the game never gets jaded even when you have played it multiple times. So what are you waiting for? Pick a Lord and fight for your right to rule over Waterdeep.



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