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Love Letter

If you want to court the princess of Tempest, then you better start writing letters to her. But it won’t be that simple since she has locked herself up in the palace, and refuses to allow any prospective prince near her. Your job is to write her the cheesiest letter and find a reliable and fast person to take it to her. It might also be in your best interests to intercept your rivals’ letters and destroy them. If your letter gets to the princess first, you win the game!

Love Letter is a game best played between 2 to 5 players. A card-based game, luck plays a big role in how the game progresses. At the same time, some strategic moves are also required. There are different types of cards, including guards, priests, barons, handmaidens, and princes. There are also the king, countess, and princess cards, all of which make up the deck of sixteen. Some cards are stronger than the others, with the princess being the strongest. Each one offers some advantages to the player.

At the beginning, one card is dealt to each player. The game progresses with each player drawing one card from the deck and then discarding one, until the deck is depleted. The player with the strongest card wins each round. The winner is the one who wins a certain number of rounds, decided in advance.

Designed by Seiji Kanai, Love Letter is an excellent filler game, which has won a number of awards. The illustrations are lovely, and a number of interesting variations to the basic theme have been released. These include Letters to Santa, Love Letter Wedding Edition, Lovecraft Letter, Munchkin Loot Letter, Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings, etc. So start writing your letters and hope you are able to successfully woo the Princess of Tempest in all her various forms!



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