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Mansions of Madness

Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Mansions of Madness features creepy Arkham with its old, haunted buildings, which the players have to navigate to achieve their goals – goals which they don’t know yet. Avoid the traps, keep away from the monsters, solve puzzles, and work your way around the derelict and unpredictable buildings. Do try and keep in touch with your fellow-players since there is no winning this game without full co-operation!

The first edition of the game came out in 2011, and the second edition was published in 2016, improving on some elements of the game. This 2 to 5 player game requires one player to take on the role of Keeper (basically, the villain) and the other players become investigators trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. The investigators can pick any one of the several scenarios provided, and the keeper sets up clues and traps around the board. In the second edition, there is no need for a Keeper.

Mansions of Madness is designed by Corey Koniekczka and has proved to be popular in all its elements, winning the Golden Geek Awards for the Best Thematic Board Game category in 2011. The illustrations by Christopher Burdett, Anders Finér, and Henning Ludvigsen are creepy and fit well into the theme of the game. Released by Fantasy Flight Games, this is another offering from this publisher that has fulfilled the expectations of board game fans.

The game box comes with the rulebook, keeper guide, investigator and monster figures, 224 small cards, 126 large cards, 9 punchboard sheets, and 1 10-sided die. The gameplay is intricate and intriguing, allowing for a game of 2 to 3 hours easily. The best part of the game is that with the different scenarios, you are basically playing different games every single time.

If your criteria for board games includes high level of creepiness, interesting gameplay, and great artwork, then try out Mansions of Madness!



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