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Card games are of different types and the ones involving a large amount of strategy are preferred by some people. Others like the feel and the procedure of the games more. In Mascarade, we have a card game of middling strategy level, and its delightful design has proved popular. It is a game designed for 2 to 13 people, though, of course, the more people playing, the more interesting it gets.

In Mascarade, you have to try and earn your own gold. At the end of the game, the person who goes bankrupt loses and the person who is richest at this point wins. Otherwise, the player who earns 13 gold coins wins the game. It’s a simple game with simple rules, and the playing time is short, making it apt for quick sessions. The game contains 13 character cards, each one offering a different persona and different ability. Each person gets a turn, and during their turn, they have three options: swap, look, or announce. If a player announces their character falsely and someone challenges it, they pay a fine.

Mascarade Card Game

The game, designed by Bruno Faidutti, a French designer, and published by Repos Prod, was released in 2013. One of the interesting aspects of the game on its release was that one of the character cards, The Beggar, was deliberately left blank. The publisher set up a contest for card game enthusiasts to come up with abilities for this character, and it proved remarkably successful. The best suggestion was added to the expansion set of cards.

The game has been nominated for a couple of awards since its release, including Golden Geek Awards for the Best Party Board Game in 2013, and As d’Or in the Jeu de’l Année category in 2014.

Mascarade allows you to hide behind a mask and cheat your opponents in order to earn more money. If bluff games are your thing, this is just the game for you. The more unscrupulous you are, the better for you!



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