Minions Top Trumps Collectors Tin

Despicable Me has set off a craze for the tiny workers of Gru, leading to subsequent films focusing on these funny and cute creatures. In the Minions Collectors Tin, the minions once again take you on an adventure, this time through the Cretaceous Period, ancient Egypt, and the Napoleon Era, in a race against time. Kevin, Bob, and Stuart engage in all kinds of tricks to lead the Minions forward to their new evil master.

The Minions Collectors Tin consists of 30 cards, each card containing a minion on an adventure. Each card also has ratings in five categories: Cleverness, Bravery, Leadership, Mischievous and Top Trumps. The game is a simple one. The cards are shuffled and distributed to all the players. The player looks at the card on the top, chooses one of the five categories in it and says it out aloud to everyone. The player with the highest value wins the round and they take all the top cards and add it to the bottom of their pile. If two or more cards have a similar value, then put the cards back into the pile and try again. The player who gets all the cards at the end wins.

The Minions Collectors Tin was released in 2015, to go with the release of the movie, The Minions. The game is a great one for a quick release of stress and some laughter. It is suitable for anyone above the age of four and both kids and adults can equally enjoy this game. It is especially a wonderful game for children who love the minions. One of the advantages is that this game can be played with any number of players. Simple and fun, the game comes with a warranty of 12 months. Don’t wait too long to get your Minions Collectors Tin.




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