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No Thanks!

No Thanks! is a card game that was originally created in German in 2004 by Thornsten Gimmler and released by Amigo Spiele. It’s German name is Geschenkt! and it was translated into English by Z-Man Games. The game is simple to understand and each game lasts for around 20 minutes. Two to five people can play the game at a time.

Winning the game depends on you not scoring points! The game consists of 33 cards numbering from 3 to 35, and a number of red chips. These items and a couple of friends are the only things you need to enjoy No Thanks! Once the game is finished, the scoring is done by counting the values of the cards of each player and then subtracting the number of chips they hold. The lowest score wins the game.

At the beginning of each game, nine cards are selected and put aside. The remaining 24 cards are used in the game and 11 chips are distributed to each player. This is done to give an element of uncertainty to the game. The top card is flipped over and the first player has to choose whether they want to accept the card or say no thanks. If they choose the latter option, they have to put one of their chips on top of the card. The player who ultimately chooses that card will get to keep the chips on top of it. The game is finished once all the 24 cards are acquired.

No thanks! is the winner of Fairplay à la Carte award for 2005. The game also comes with a recommendation by Spiel des Jahres and has been nominated for several awards including Golden Geek, As d’Or, Tric Trac, and Kinderspeilexperten. If you are looking for a new card game to add to your collection, look no further. Don’t say no, thanks to No Thanks!



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