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Diseases are spreading across the world, and you have to work together with all the other players to control them. It’s a race against time and you have to ensure that each disease is treated and then cured, and if possible, eradicated. To prevent outbreaks, treat diseases, try to build the best strategy to cure the disease, teamwork is essential to this game!

The gameplay is fun and simple. All the diseases have to be cured before you win the game. If you allow too many outbreaks, or a disease becomes too widespread to be controlled, or all your city cards are finished before finding the cures, you lose the game. One way to win – three to lose! The game can last for 1 – 1.5 hours, and is limited to four players.

The game comes with 24 cubes each in four different colours to be used as disease indicators. There are infection cards and event cards, which propel the game forward. There are also a few role cards and each disease-fighting specialist has a unique power which allows the players to build a strategy based on their skills. The game also comes with player tokens, which are to be matched with their roles.

The game, which has been designed by Matt Leacock, has been immensely popular and for many has become their favourite cooperative game. The team of artists comprising Josh Cappel, Christian Hanisch, Régis Moulun, Chris Quilliams, and Tom Thiel have provided a very realistic illustration of the board and the cards. Pandemic has won acclaim from the gaming community as well as a host of awards, including the Golden Geek Awards and the Games Magazine Awards for the Best Family Game category, the Gouden Ludo award, as well as the JoTa award for the Best Cooperative Board Game category.

All in all, Pandemic is a great game for those who enjoy cooperative games. There is nothing like beating the board together with your friends!



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