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Peppa Pig Monopoly Board Game

Have you ever played Monopoly? The original was first invented in 1903 by Americans to promote capitalism but it proved so immensely popular around the world that there are a large number of different versions of the game today. And now, even children have their own version in Peppa Pig Monopoly.

Peppa Pig originated as a television series for children in Britain. It gained popularity very quickly and has become a franchise over the years with games, toys, clothes, and other items being sold under the Peppa Pig banner. There is even a Peppa Pig theme park in Hampshire. So it isn’t surprising they came up with a Peppa Pig Monopoly Board Game.

The gameplay of Peppa Pig Monopoly is similar to that of the original game. You buy property and build houses and hotels, and then charge rent from players who land on your place, while trying to avoid taxes and prison. Instead of the names of places, this version has characters from the Peppa Pig series around the board. The game also comes with the dice, cards and currency and tokens required for a game of monopoly, except that these are all Peppa Pig themed!

The game is an exciting one for Peppa Pig fans, and is suitable for anyone above the age of four. Since it is basically Monopoly, it is unlikely that adults playing with their kids would soon get bored either. The game can be played by 2 to 6 players, and as usual with such games, the more the merrier!

With bright colours and appealing artwork, this game is certain to appeal to youngsters, especially when they see their favourite characters involved in the gameplay. If you want to keep your child entertained for an hour or so, this is the perfect game for them!




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