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Pokemon EX 20th Anniversary

The beauty of trading cards is that it can feature practically anything under the planet. Though traditionally associated with sports, the most popular cards nowadays are those depicting characters from comics, cartoons and TV shows. The Pokemon Trading Card Game, or Pokemon TCG is one of the most popular ones among children, teenagers, and even adults.

The Pokemon EX series is a supreme variation of this game. This series was originally released with the Next Destinies expansion game. There are minor differences between the EX and the ordinary Pokemon series. One of the most significant differences between the two is that the EX series cards have higher HPs than the regular ones. They also come in colourful art print. Defeating a EX card means that the opponent can get two prize cards. So the EX series is highly prized. It is identified by a separate EX logo.

Pokemon EX 29th Anniversary

The franchise has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary on 22nd February 2016. The 20th anniversary celebrations will include a release of eleven new boxes, one each month, starting from 22nd February. The first release will be the Mew Box, followed by Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, Manaphy, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect, and Meloetta. Each special box will contain a theme pin, a holo promo card and a PTCGO code card. Two booster packs for Pokemon TCG: Generations will also be included.

The Pokemon EX series is not forgotten either. Four boxes will be released in this series in March, May, July and September. These would be Charizad-EX, Blastoise-EX, Venusaur-EX and Pikachu-EX. These boxes will be accompanied by full art promo, jumbo card and PTCGO code card. In the EX series boxes, there will be four Pokemon TCG: Generations booster packs.

This is a limited edition and the items within, especially the booster packs, will not be sold separately. So get ready to add substantially to your Pokemon TCG collection this year!





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