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Quadropolis Board Game

Quadropolis is a strategy based board game, in which you build up a city while matching your growth strategy with the needs of the citizens. Each player plays the role of the mayor of a city, and all the players are in competition to make the best use of resources to build the best city.

The game works with a tile placement strategy. Each building constructed gives you victory points, and the strategy lies in building the right kind of buildings and combining them together. For example, building a monument next to a park can give you points but you will have to pay a penalty for building the same next to a harbour!

There are two modes for the players to choose from: expert and classic. The expert mode is for highly experienced players, but the classic mode is accommodating to all players. 2-4 players can play Quadropolis at a time and it is a game suitable for anyone above the age of eight. The gameplay lasts for around 60 minutes and hence, it is a good game for an evening of fun.

The box set comes with a construction site board, 4 player mats, 4 helpers, 142 building tiles, 1 scoring pad, and 50 energy units. Figures are also included in the form of 65 citizens, 20 architects, 1 urbanist, and 1 mayor. A rulebook and a cloth bag are also included in the box.

Quadropolis has been nominated for an International Gamers Award in 2016 for General Strategy and for the Goudon Ludo Best Family Game. The brainchild of French game designer, François Gandon, the game has been produced by Days of Wonder, which is renowned for its excellent theme based puzzle and strategy games.

If, like François Gandon, your childhood dream has been to build a great city, this is how you can realise it without all the headaches of worrying about funding and permits!



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