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Skull is a simple, quick, and fun game that appeals widely to people of all ages and is suitable in all occasions. Designed by Hervé Marly, Skull was published by Asmodee in 2011. The game relies neither on luck nor on strategy, but simply the players’ ability to bluff with a straight face.

The game comes with discs in different colours, each colour having four discs. Each disc is associated with a flower, and three of the four discs have the picture of this flower on them, while the fourth contains a skull.

The gameplay consists of several rounds. Each player chooses a disc and puts it down in front of them face down so that no one can see whether it is a flower or a skull. After the first round, anyone can put up a challenge at any time by naming a number higher than two and lower than the number of discs on the table. Players cannot add any more discs once a challenge has been called. The player making the challenge then turns over the same number of discs. If they choose discs that are all flowers, then they win. If they get even a single skull, they lose.

Though simple and quickly completed, Skull can still provide a lot of fun. It is loved by most gamers as a starter game. Its success is attested by the fact that Skull was the winner of the Jeu de l’Année award in 2011, and has been nominated for a few other awards as well, including Japan Boardgame Prize Voters' Selection.

If you haven’t played Skull before, don’t wait for too long. It is easily available, and it is very easy to find people to play this game. Just be sure you know how you bluff your way through this  fun game!




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