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Skylanders Battlecast Battle Pack B

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. One of them is Skylanders: Battlecast, which is available on Amazon Appstore, App Store, and Google Play.  All you have to do is download the game and you are off on an exciting adventure.

The theme of the game is simple: battling the enemies and taking them down before they take you down. The abilities, powers, and tactics at your disposal will determine how far you get in the game. These abilities are gained through the purchase of physical cards in real time.

The game itself is free but there are exciting card packs that you can use to enhance your game experience. One of these is the Skylanders Battlecast Battle Pack B. The game concept is interesting as Skylanders: Battlecast is a card to life game, which means that you have to purchase these cards separately. The cards can be scanned into the game by means of your smartphone camera and activated. Once activated, your character can jump right into the game and start playing. The more cards you have, the better your chances of winning.

The game is suitable for anyone above the age of seven. The designs and colours of the cards are very attractive. Even after the cards are scanned in, they no longer have any active use but can be kept because of their lovely designs.

Skylanders: Battlecast Battle Pack B includes a set of 22 cards, 1 trading shield, and 1 deck box in addition to the usual collection & beginner’s guide. These cards provide you with powerful abilities that can help you move further in the game. Characters such as Spyro and Stormblade are available in this pack. Though this game doesn’t really provide the experience of an actual tabletop game, it is nevertheless a great way to spend some free time.



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