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Smash Up

Smash Up is not going to be as easy as it looks! The game encompasses all the components of geek culture, which are depicted in the eight faction cards. These include Aliens, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Pirates, Robots, Tricksters, Wizards, and Zombies. What more do you need? Every gamer would love one or more of these components! And you would finally have the answer to the age-old conundrum – which is the greatest, pirates or ninjas!

Each of these factions has their own special abilities and each player gets two factions that they can combine in different ways to try and win the game. Smash Up has a great replay value because of the number of different permutations and combinations that lead to different results each time. The strategic thinking requirement also adds to the enjoyment of the game and its replayability. The gameplay is simple to learn but the game itself can get quite complex, adding to its interest. The game ends when any player has scored more than 15 points, and then this player gets to be the winner.

First published in 2012, Smash Up is yet another great game from the Alderac Entertainment Group. It has been designed by Paul Peterson, and the lovely illustrations have been done by Dave Allsop, Bruno Balixa, and Francisco Rico Torres. The game has won the UK Games Expo Awards in the Best General Card Game category in 2013.

The gameplay can last for around 45 minutes to 1 hour, which makes it a full-fledged game for gaming sessions. It is also a great game to pass an hour in the evening, especially if you are having guests over. Around 2 to 4 players can play the game. So if you are wondering what to offer up as entertainment for the next small dinner party you are planning, think no more!



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