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Splendor is a card development and chip collection game that has become intensely popular. The game is set during the Renaissance era and the players become gem merchants dealing in the jewellery industry.

The game comes with 40 gems, 90 cards, and 10 Noble titles. The cards are of excellent quality and artist Pascal Quidault has done a great job with the artwork. The cards are of three different levels and have different artwork depicting different themes. Level 1 has gem mines, level 2 shows transportation and cutting, while level 3 has retail shops. The gems are of six different colours and are the same size and weight as poker chips. All the items are of excellent quality, both material-wise and aesthetically.

The gameplay is simple. Each player can use their turn to perform a variety of actions such as collecting gems or building a card, or reserving a card. The aim of the game is to score 15 prestige points, at which point the player wins. The Noble title makes the game more interesting as it adds to the strategy building of the game. The game designer Marc André has ensured that this little game is fun and enticing.

Splendor, released in 2014 and published by Space Cowboys, has won a number of gaming awards for its simplicity, entertainment value, ease of use, and design. The game has won the Nederlandse Spellenprijs for the Best Family Game, and was voted in the Vioden Peli Adult Game of the Year. Besides this, Splendor was also the Meeples’ Choice Winner as well as the Golden Geek Award winner in the Best Family Board Game category.

The gameplay usually lasts for 30 minutes and the game is suitable for 2 to 4 players. Splendour is a great filler game, and is an excellent choice for an evening of gaming.




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