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Spyfall is a great party game that has wide appeal. The game was designed by Alexandr Ushan and was published by Cryptozonic in 2014. The game has been widely acclaimed and has been nominated for several game awards, including the Golden Geek and the Spiel des Jahres. The artwork created by Sergey Dulin and Uildrim is excellent.

A quintessential bluffing game, Spyfall requires you to ask questions in each round to establish the spy in your midst. The cards are dealt out and each card gives you a location – except one. That is the spy card. In order to find out who the spy is, everyone asks each other questions. The spy doesn’t know where they are, and the others don’t know who the spy is. The moment someone suspects any player to be the spy, they can make an accusation. If they turn out to be right, everyone other than the spy gets points. On the other hand, if the spy understands their location, they can guess that and score points as well.

The gameplay lasts for 20-40 minutes depending on the number of players. In fact, the more, the merrier! The box comes with 240 game cards, which include 30 locations with 8 cards per location. It also contains 30 zip lock bags.

The game acts as an excellent ice breaker for a lengthier game session and gets people talking to each other and gets them in the mood for a day of fun and games. However, Spyfall is not a game for people who are shy of speaking out, and with too many of such introverts, the game will not work. Because of the nature of the game, the game will be played differently each time with different people because of the group dynamics. Hence, it is a great versatile game!



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