Steven Universe POP! Animation Vinyl Figure Amethyst Figure

Pop! figures are very popular as a collectible item. One of the outstanding features of the Funko Pop! line is its unique style. Bobble head figures with heads that are disproportionately larger than the bodies stand out from all other pop culture toys being manufactured. Other characteristics include widely spaced black eyes and a lack of nose, mouth and eyebrows. It is meant to depict cuteness and humour. Produced by Funko, this line originated in 2010 and includes a large number of toys depicting popular culture.

Steven Universe is an animated television series about the growing up of a young boy of the same name. Set in the made-up town of Beach City, Steven Universe is an adventure show where Steven and his three friends, the Crystal Gems, go on adventures to protect the world. Steven Universe became very popular and has developed into a franchise with books, movies, and other memorabilia being produced around the same theme. In this is also included Pop! figures.

Funko came out with a holiday line of toys from the Steven Universe franchise for 2015. These include a great many figures from the Steven Universe world. The Steven Universe Pop! Vinyl Figure Amethyst is a toy based on the character of Amethyst, who is the youngest of all the Crystal Gems other than Steven. She is funny, naughty, and rebellious, which makes her an interesting character. She is a favourite among the fans of the show because of her entertaining and fun-loving nature and her shapeshifting abilities.

The figure is approximately 3.75 inches in length and slightly purple in colour, in keeping with the character’s key characteristics. Gorgeous and beautiful, the Steven Universe Pop! Vinyl Figure Amethyst an excellent collectible for fans of both Pop! figures and the show, Steven Universe.



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