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The BFG Monopoly

Roald Dahl is one of the most beloved children’s author in the UK, and around the world. The charm of his books remains intact to this day. Similarly, one of the most popular board games ever invented was Monopoly. The game originated in the US as a paean to capitalism but has caught on big time with all kinds of people, irrespective of their economic ideologies. Just combine these two masterpieces together and you get The BFG Monopoly!

In The BFG, an orphan girl called Sophie meets up with a big friendly giant and strikes up a friendship. Together, they go on adventures and defeat the other unfriendly giants. In the game, Sophie is on the run from desperate giants out to eat her. As Sophie, you have to make the decisions while you go around the board. Played just like the ordinary Monopoly, The BFG Monopoly is a fun game for children and adults alike.

Published by Winning Moves Games Inc. in partnership with eOne, The BFG Monopoly was released in 2016. The date was decided to coincide with the release of the film based on the same book on which the game is based. Both movie and game proved to be successful and the youngsters have taken to The BFG Monopoly.

The game is suitable for children above 8 and can also be played by adults, especially those who still hang on to their old Dahl books. The BFG Monopoly is game best played between 2-6 people. This edition of the game contains famous landmarks from the movie’s story and also allows you to pick an icon from the story in order to play.

Take a trip down memory lane with The BFG Monopoly or introduced your own kids to this fantastic world of Dahl.



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