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Waddingtons Draughts

Draughts is a great game that challenges you mentally in different ways. It is sometimes dismissed as a poor cousin of chess but that is like comparing apples to oranges. Both games are quite different and draughts stands in a class of its own. There are different types of draughts such as English Draughts, Russian Draughts, International Draughts, Canadian Checkers, all different versions of the same game.

Two people can play the game, one taking the white pieces and the other taking the dark pieces. In each move, a piece is moved diagonally to any adjacent square that is unoccupied. When there is an opponent’s piece in a diagonal square, it can be captured by the player jumping over it. The player who has no pieces remaining or can no longer make a move loses, and the other wins. This is the basis of the game, though there are different variations that one can opt to bring to the game.

Waddingtons was a card and board game publisher in the UK, which is now defunct. However, the company, which started publishing games in 1922, had a long run till 1994, and the games produced by it are still out there. Waddingtons has come out with well-known games such as Monopoly and Cluedo in the past. Draughts is also included in the list of games published by the company.

Waddingtons Draughts is a well-designed game that comes with 1 wooden chequered board, 16 white draught pieces, and 16 brown draught pieces. The quality is good and the finished product is a delight to play with. What’s more, the same board can later be used for playing chess just by acquiring chess pieces from Waddingtons.

If you want to play draughts, you cannot go wrong with Waddingtons Draughts. This classic game will endure long after people get bored of most others!



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