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Welcome to the Dungeon

Welcome to the Dungeon is yet another game of Japanese origin and provides a delightful gameplay where you have to enter the dungeon and defeat the monsters. It is a quintessential push your luck and bluffing game, best played by 2 to 4 players.

The game was originally known as Dungeon of Mandom and published by I Was Game and Oink Games in Japan in 2013. The name was later changed to Welcome to the Dungeon by Iello Games, which brought out the English version in 2015. The original game in Japanese had only one character while the edited English version has four different character card sets.

The players are cowardly adventurers in this game and they try to get each other to enter the dungeon. The gameplay is very simple. Each player draws a monster card and adds it to the dungeon in the first round. After this, you can repeat this step again or place the card in front of you and remove equipment. You can also pass. The final remaining player is not allowed to pass but has to venture into the dungeon with the equipment remaining. Depending on the equipment the player is carrying, it will be determined whether they come out alive or not. The final winner is the person who survives a dungeon visit twice.

Designed by Masato Uesugi, the game comes with 13 monster cards, 28 tiles, 4 player aids, and 8 success cards. The designing done by Paul Mafayon for these cards is impeccable and colourful, making you want to spend more time playing.

Classified as a mini game, Welcome to the Dungeon is a short and easy game, and is suitable as a filler game. It is also a very suitable game for travelling and for parties, when your attention span isn’t the best.





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