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Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari is the latest re-issue of the Reiner Knizia designed original game, Flinkie Pinkie. Over the years, this game was reissued with different packaging and different names, such as Quandary, Loco!, Botswana, and the latest in 2014, Wildlife Safari. Published by Eagle – Gryphon Games, Wildlife Safari is very similar to the previous editions of the game with very few changes, the biggest among them being the addition of a safari theme.

The game comes with a stock of 25 wild animal figurines including elephants, lions, leopards, and zebras. It also contains 30 animal cards, each of them featuring a specific animal and a number. The artwork is designed to appeal aesthetically to children and the animal figures are quite attractive.

The cards are shuffled and distributed to the players and some cards are kept aside to keep the suspense alive. The player plays a card, and then takes any animal from the stock. The animal in the card and the animal taken do not have to be the same. Once all six cards of a specific animal are played, the round ends and the scoring is done on the basis of the number on the card at the top of the pile. If the top card on the elephant stack is 3, then each of your animal figures will give you three points. The person with the highest points at the end of five rounds is the winner.

The interest is kept alive by the fact that there is no saying what will be the ultimate requirement and how to strategically plan for it. One can only guess and the game works on the basis of what cards have already been played. The game works better with 3 or 4 players and is a great filler game.



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